Scope Mounting, Bore-sighting, Cleaning & Lubrication, Function Check, Test Firing and other minor general repairs. We are not set up to do any machining work such as threading barrels or drill and tap receivers for scope bases.

Buy, Sell,Trade Firearms
sell new and used firearms. We may buy or trade for your firearm if we feel we can resell it. We do not handle "Privately Made Firearms"  or any firearm or component requiring an SOT.

Ammo, Holsters and Cases

We carry a wide selection of ammo and accessories. Come by the store or call to see if we have what you are looking for in stock. If you don't see it, check with us to see if we can find it and order it for you.

FFL Transfer  

For our established firearm customers, we do FFL to FFL transfers (no transfers from individuals) for out of state purchases for a fee of $35.00 per firearm.  If we have the firearm in stock, the transfer fee increases by $35.00 to a total of $70.00.  Be sure to contact us prior to your purchase or we may refuse delivery.

Firearm Training 

We offer firearms training to age 18 & up. We have NRA classes, South Carolina CWP classes, North Carolina CCH Classes.  We offer one on one training classes and group classes for large groups (subject to instructor availability). 

JJ Aim Right Gun Shop has been in business for 10 years and offers small town prices and award winning customer service . We carry most major gun manufacturers and can special order most items not in stock. We also handle firearms accessories and buy/sell used firearms. We also provide firearms training. Stop by and check out JJ Aim Right Gun Shop.

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