JJ Aim Right Gun Shop has been in business for three years and offers small town prices and award winning customer service . We carry most major gun manufacturers and can special order anything not in stock. We also purchase and sell used firearms. We provide gunsmithing services and firearms training.Our staff goes through training and takes pride in the work. JJ Aim Right Gunshop gun repair may be a little slow at times because we want to get it right the first time. Stop by and check out JJ Aim Right Gunshop gun accessories

About Our Shop

Massey Mountain Firearm Training

Jj Aim Right Gunshop Gun Repair


Scope Mounting, Boresighting, Cleaning & Lubrication, Function Check, Test Firing, Complete disassemble and reassembly, Trigger work, Stock refinishing, Cold bluing, General firearms repair, Preventive maintenance

Buy, Sell,Trade Firearms
buy, sell, Trade new and used firearms. 

Ammo, Hostlers and Cases

We carry a selection of ammo calibers, and brand. From centerfire to Rim Fire. Shotgun Shells, Both Pistol and Rifle Ammo

We carry a selection of hostlers from soft to hard. Leather to hard plastic.

We carry some hard and soft cases also.

FFL Transfer

We do FFL transfer and private transfers (person to person) Transfer fee is $35.00.

Firearm Training

We offer firearms training to all ages. We have NRA classes, South Carolina CWP classes, North Carolina CCH Classes.  We offer one on one training classes and group rates for large groups.